Success Stories

We have helped clients achieve positive training ROI via the provided solutions that aligned with their Learning and Development strategies, competency-based focus and more. Here are a few of our success stories:

1. Bringing a new learning experience to engineers 

  • The challenge:  A top company in F&B industry wanted to improve senior engineers and managers by giving them intensive training in English for manufacturing engineering going along with building the presentation skill to ensure their high accurate communication in the factory managed by foreign managers in different levels. 
  • Our Approach: We worked with them to develop a training curriculum, creating a core set of standards to deliver the levels of excellence whilst still ensuring to fit the company's business needs and employee value proposition. The course was blended between eClasses and onsite training at the factory to help employ the most practical and effective delivery in training.

2. Narrowing learning distance to enhance sales-force's communication skills in English

  • The situation: A leading global provider of agricultural science and technology company wanted to improve area sales managers' communication skills in English to smoothen cross-functional meetings that leads by foreign senior managers. This seemed impossible for the company to train them onsite since they work in different provinces and very mobile. Second, their English levels were various but they wanted to be improved in a most effective way and in a short period of time.
  • The solution: IBI Blended eLearning was chosen as the key learning solution to help the sales managers develop their communication skills in English such as speaking and email writing skills. With the positive support from the company's HR department, the course was implemented successfully under the high level of engagement based on the satisfaction of the employees and the attendance rate of 87%. 

3. Overcoming all the barriers of traditional classroom training to reach a further success

  • The Challenge: An electricity company came to IBI with a challenge: the company wanted to give their middle managers an opportunity to learn English in a flexible and engaging environment and at the same time improve the training ROI as the managers are so busy and travel frequently for business. These were the reasons why the company had failed many times when using traditional classroom and on-site trainings. Well, we like the challenge ! 
  • The Solution: Working out together with the HR department and we both agreed to use eEnglish that was designed in an addictive, purposeful and fun approach, we then customized the content of eConversations to be relevant to the electricity industry. The result was amazing when 85% of the learners were engaged in the course while 72% of them improved their skills.

4. Addressing international market entry strategy

  • The situation: A company from Europe wanted to expand their business in SEA markets, particularly Vietnam and Thailand. The problem they had was improperly understanding the business cultures, re-defining the key market segments and its competitors to set out the long-term value propositions and pricing strategy. We provided Go-to-Market Strategy course from our innovation courses together with advising them on in-depth  analysis in the market and competitive landscape.
  • The result: The senior managers became confident in dealing all the struggling issues that they had before and successfully reshaped their business strategies to move ahead of conquering the markets.

5. Improving the growth of revenue with content digitalization for the distributors

A leading consumer product company having thousands of distributors talked with us about how to apply our eLearning services in digitalizing their sales and product training content.

The sales and product training offline has become harder and less effective under the rapid increase in the number of distributors. IBI helped the company transform the content based on the instructional design strategy we advised.

The content was input and converted in different formats to ensure the engagement of the learners including interactive lessons, videos, animations and articles...The project in consequence became popular to the distributors and accelerated the revenue growth in the next years.

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