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Experienced in creating IBI as an disruptive e-Learning platform to help talents improve Business English and Innovation Skills. IBI would like to spread our key expertise to help your organization in:


I.  Curriculum Development Services

IBI has experienced in creating standards-based curriculum in wide range of career fields. Whether your needs include curriculum frameworks, detailed lesson plans, or complete instructional materials, IBI can develop content customized for the needs of your learners.

IBI's curriculum design is built on our integrated curriculum development process that ensures course content reflects academic, industry, and employability standards. Our overarching goal is to ensure your curriculum meets regional, and local needs. To help achieve this, our experienced team: 

  •     Pre-assesses the needs of educators and employers
  •     Gathers input from employers on essential skills and knowledge
  •     Assesses current curriculum and instructional materials
  •     Ensures new curriculum is aligned to all applicable standards and supports seamless transitions


IBI’s curriculum development philosophy is based on our research in contextual teaching and learning that emphasizes the relationship of course content to real-life situations. IBI's curriculum incorporates: 

  •     Evidence-based teaching strategies
  •     Problem-solving opportunities
  •     Hands-on activities
  •     Authentic assessment
  •     Work-based learning experiences
  •     Critical thinking
  •     Project-based learning


II. Custom eLearning Solutions

We offer optional e-learning development, instructional design and advisory services on the breadth of portal-related issues. Let IBI be your outsourcing partner in e-learning design, and deployment. We transform your subject matter content into effective e-learning. We deliver your e-learning programs in a custom, private-branded portal, mimicking your corporate site look and feel.  Look to IBI for all your e-learning requirements.

You can readily create and maintain your web training on-demand courseware, but if you prefer, we can provide optional outsourced professional eLearning services - from courseware design down to the details of uploading your content. Take advantage of our extensive experience to help you plan, produce and deploy your online training content, exams or assessment instruments in a format effective for on-line delivery. We work with you to address your business requirements in any of these areas:

  •     Assessing curriculum and trainingware with learning and business objectives.
  •     Strategizing e-learning solutions, planning curriculum, defining training tracks
  •     Instructional design for e-learning effectiveness including self-study online, synchronous online events, face-to-face, or blended formats.
  •     Test and survey design
  •     Deliver high-impact and effective learning assets based on solid creative instructional design.
  •     Integrate existing off-the-shelf components, custom solutions, or a combination of both


III.  Courseware production

A wide solution set is a reflection of IBI’s domain expertise in all aspects of the content transformation IBI provides to our client globally. IBI supports the entire spectrum of the publishing life-cycle through content conversion, ancillary development and content injection / enrichment. IBI’s expertise, innovation and tools help reduce operational costs and create engaging content to drive content adoption.

  • Digital Content Transformation
  • Ancillary Development
  • Development of Rich Media
  • Content Enhancement through Interactive modules
  • Automation to drive transformation efficiency


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