eEnglish | Online Workplace English is structured as a communication course for learners to enhance their communication skill in the workplace. In this course, we will focus on your pronunciation, speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Speaking skill will be used in various course activities and assignments that allow you to learn about improving your communication skills in a safe, interactive environment. We will focus in this course on Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. The information you gain in this course will help you to succeed in multi-cultural environment, on the job and in your personal relationships.

The harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) effectively helps students improve their English skills and perfectly replaces classroom training. 

eClasses gives students a comprehensive knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading while eConversations creates an interactive environment for students to work with dedicated teachers and peers in small learning groups of up to 6 students to practice and use what they learnt from eClasses confidently.

Our product concept is based on concrete researches and for the positive development of learners across all skills:

As observed, it is ineffective and inefficient for students at beginner’s levels to study English independently. You usually gain sound knowledge across all English skills with active guidance from teachers. Therefore, eConversations is the best approach for those students while the combination of eClasses and eConversations are best applied for students from pre-intermediate level or above. 

eEnglish consists of four levels, of courses to be taken one after the other. Please take a look at our course structure and recommended learning model below:

Courses Level CEF TOEIC Learning model Teachers Duration
eEnglish 1    Mid Beginners   80-180  eConversations

Qualififed local teachers

16 weeks (48 hours)
High Beginners A1 181-300   eConversations 16 weeks (48 hours)
eEnglish 2 Pre-Intermediate A2 301-400 eBlended Qualified native teachers 16 weeks (24 hours of eConversations + 50 hours of eClasses)
eEnglish 3 Intermediate B1 401-520 eBlended 16 weeks (24 hours of eConversations + 50 hours of eClasses)
eEnglish 4 High Intermediate B2 521-700 eBlended 16 weeks (24 hours of eConversations + 50 hours of eClasses)

eConnect, in particular, gives learners a chance for great small group discussions. This also creates a safe environment for more introvert or quiet students to express their ideas and knowledge once the teacher has structured the collaboration groups appropriately. We also believe the students retain the skills and learnt information better for assessments. Add also some creative projects, and the result is a fun learning experience.

Finally, eReport provides a management system for teachers to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.  Every teacher is authorized to log in the management system to see your students' progress, scores and skills development.

Below is the procedures to enroll and take your course:

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